Benross Evolution R Fairway


Benross Delta Fairway


Benross Gold Fairway


Evolution R Fairway

The Evolution R Fairway features our innovative R-Flight Rail that allows the user to move the CG position and tailor their ball flight. The Evolution R Fairway is set at 15° in its neutral position, and the 8 point adjustable hosel allows the user to vary the loft by +/-1.5° in 0.75° increments.  The improved CT Response Channel, helping to maximize ball speeds across the club face.


Delta Fairway

New for 2019 is the Delta Fairway, the most reliable fairway wood Benross has ever produced. The Delta Sole Structure stiffens the body of the fairway through optimised rib design, which increases stability and energy transfer efficiency at impact. The result is significantly increased ball speed and importantly reduced ball speed drop off for off-centre strikes. A deep sole minimises unwanted turf interaction and promotes pure strikes from the tee and fairway alike. The shallow face profile lowers CG position and promotes a high launch with reduced spin. The Delta Fairway is fitted with the Fujikura ATMOS Red shaft.



Gold Fairway

The new for 2019 Gold range is the go-to range for senior golfers. The Gold Fairway features a rearward CG position helping gain greater initial launch and a longer carry distance. The Draw Bias Design promotes a right to left ball flight through optimised mass distribution that moves CG position towards the heel. A super lightweight head and the bespoke Fujikura Vista Pro Gold shaft helps to increase swing speed and ultimately distance from the tee. The Gold Fairway is fitted with the Lamkin UTX Non-Cord Midsize grip as standard.



Advanced Custom Fitting Available